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The mission of Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center is to provide affordable legal representation in family law matters to low-income families of Los Angeles County to ensure stability for children and their families in the face of legal difficulties.

Levitt & Quinn provides family law legal services for poor and low-income families who are unable to obtain representation from other legal services providers or to afford private attorney representation. Levitt & Quinn attorneys provide legal representation at court hearings and trials and they provide legal advice and counsel in cases impacting the safety and well being of children.

Levitt & Quinn’s attorneys practice in key areas of family law including adoption, child support or spouse support, custody, visitation, domestic violence, grandparent visitation, guardianship, marital dissolution and paternity. Each year we receive more than 6,000 inquires, provide legal information and services to more than 1,500 families, accept more than 800 clients for representation and make hundreds of court appearances on behalf of those clients.  Priority is given to cases involving the safety and well-being of children.

Major Programs

Family Law Representation Program
Representation in family law cases including support, guardianship, grandparent visitation, domestic violence and high-conflict custody cases is Levitt & Quinn’s largest area of practice.  Levitt & Quinn provides affordable and unbundled family law legal services including consultation, legal advice, document preparation, coordinating governmental and other investigating agencies and representation at hearings and trials.

Adoption Program
Levitt & Quinn’s Adoption Program is the only one of its kind in Los Angeles County.  No other law firm provides free and low-cost representation to families seeking to make a child a part of their family.  The vast majority of the adoptions assisted by this program are intrafamily adoptions in which a relative seeks to assist a child whose biological parent is unwilling or unable to care for the child.  This program assisted 138 families in 2011, including 172 court appearances.

Veterans Project
Levitt & Quinn has a full-time staff position dedicated to assisting veterans who are homeless or low-income with their child support and other family law issues. Intakes are performed on a regular basis at various locations where services are provided for veterans. The services provided include advice, referrals, and direct representation in court. Levitt & Quinn also collaborates with community partner agencies to conduct educational trainings. It is anticipated that in 2014, 250 veterans will be served through this project.

Transforming Lives Program
The Transforming Lives Program assists the financially neediest families who come to Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center by underwriting the cost of critical legal services including legal advice and representation in court.  In 2011 the program assisted 70 families who could not afford even the low-cost services provided by Levitt & Quinn.

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